• Sneakily making Legislation and Laws which impact every Canadian's life and community without consulting ALL of the citizens of Canada before enacting those laws..

  • Social Engineering in all of it's forms is NOT an activity undertaken by the best in mankind, and such 20th century concepts and values..

  • Trying to type up broad changes in Canadian questions of conscience, morals, human rights, or our religious belief systems without allowing Canadians to define their own lawful democratic breadths, and widths of their society themselves is NOT a free and democratic activity, and is BANISHED TO THE 20TH CENTURY!

  • Permitting any non-Canadian entity such as the United Nations, or any other sovereign Nation, or International organization, or Association to control or dictate to Canadians what our own culture and society or laws should be like is NOTHING LESS THAN TREASON!
Canadian Sovereignty

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  • True Patriotism, Strong and FREE!

  • True democracy in all things

  • True Sovereignty

  • Truthfull transparency with Canadian Citizens in every legislation, or Act of Parliament.

  • Honest consultation with Canadians concerning questions of Conscience, Morals, Human rights.

  • Dutiful Truthful representation of Canadian Voters wishes when deciding questions regarding conscience, morality, human rights.

  • The decision of such questions belongs to Canadians themselves by referendum or plebiscite alone.

  • Politicians conspiring in dark rooms and producing a paper in their hands claiming "THIS IS THE WAY THINGS ARE NOW" is outlawed: such activity is Treasonous to the Democratic wishes of the Sovereign Nation Of Canadians alone, and to Canada itself!
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